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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General: What is TapInTal?

TapInTal, Tap into Talent Pool, a smart talent pool and job board. Designed with a “hire at a higher convenience and lower hiring cost” concept, is a subscription based job board online for US and Canadian employers. Providing a free access to talented applicant profiles, TapInTal promotes local talent and skills in US and Canada.

Whether it is a part-time or full-time job, experienced or fresh graduate, junior or senior position, or, talent or expertise, a right match for the job will be found and hired at a simple tap.

2. General: Freemium job posting?!?

With prime objective of promoting local talent and skills, is designed with a simple but smart tap-and-hire solution encouraging US and Canadian companies to post their jobs at no cost and attract talent and skills locally available.

No more per-post or per-click job advertisement cost. Any US and Canadian business or employer can post a job free on the job board, While free job posting wait for a monitored approval by TapInTal team, a premium job posting will not wait for an approval and will appear on the job board immediately.  

No more blind-state hiring process. Keeping both prospective job seeker and employers updated with the current application status through the hiring process, TapInTal makes job posting and hiring process quicker and efficient with smart hiring features.

3. Employer: Any limit on the number of jobs I can advertise on the job board? is provided as a freemium online service. A free subscription allows upto 3 jobs to be posted at no cost, but monitored. A paid subscription does post jobs immediately on the board as the job postings do not require or wait for an approval.  The number of jobs can be active at a time is varied by the subscription an employer purchases.

4. Candidate: What is a TAP and why should I post multiple TAPs?

TAP, Talented Application Profile, provides employers with basic information about your skills and expertise when searched for your profile on the website. Protecting your privacy, the basic searchable profile TAP-1 does not offer your contact details, while TAP-2 provides more details of your skills and expertise as well as contact details, allowing only registered employers and business users of the site.

A video resume, ie TAP-3, is not necessary, however, as saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks a million words. If you did a project and it could be presented in a visual form, such as a powerpoint presentation, web pages, video slides, motion video, etc, then it would be a perfect idea to present your skills and expertise and stand out from the crowd.

5. Candidate: How can I search and apply for one or more jobs quickly?

Searching and applying for a right job at TapInTal is as easy as a breeze. Not relying on a machine-based basic search, TapInTal job search engine matches your key skills and qualifications to job requirements posted on the job board thus bringing up the right jobs to your front.

Just log in to your account and list the keywords most relevant and suitable  to your key skills and expertise in your profile. The Quick Search will automatically scan and match the posted job requirements and show up with right job-search results. You may apply for more than one job suitable to your talent, skills and expertise. A simple click on 'Apply' button will give the respective employer a permission to view your profile. That is it. Your job application is underway to the employers' consideration. It is as simple as that :)

6. Candidate: How can I keep my resume invisible from resume search while my registration at TapInTal is still active?

Simple, just change the resume status to “Not searchable”. Your resume/profile will be prevented from appearing in a resume search until you revert its search able status.  


Resume Tips

1 . Avoid spelling mistakes and other typos in your resume.

Avoid spelling mistakes and other typos in your resume. Don’t just rely on a spell checker, use your common sense and read it yourself as a hiring personal or read it to someone else for proofreading. 

2 . Be honest about your skills and expertise.

Your resume is a sales pitch about how your skills and expertise are right fit and how you are qualified for the applying job. It should be a genuine and truthful profile. Be honest to your potential employer when you sell your skills and expertise for their job requirement. If there is no truth in your resume, then you are not a trustworthy or dependable for the job. Trustworthiness and dependability are added qualifications to your resume.

3 . Prefer chronological resume over functional resume.

Prefer chronological resume over functional resume. However, if you have changed careers or large gaps in your employment history, a functional resume would be better.

4 . Career objective and summary of skills and expertise should come in the top portion of resume.

Career objective and summary of skills and expertise should come in top portion of a resume. Most employers prefer to have a better idea of applicant’s career objective and work experience in the first minute of resume reading. Hence the Career Objective and Experience Summary should appear in first and top portion of a resume. Career objective should tell the employer what position or role you are looking for and your objective for the job application. The experience summary should highlight your expertise and achievements to give better idea of your capability and eligibility to the applying job.

5 . Make sure your work experience and years are listed accurately and in order.

Make sure your work experience and years are listed accurately and in order. If there is a gap, explain the interviewer with gap details but no bluff. There is nothing wrong in leaving a job and going back to school for better education/certification or taking a break for other genuine reasons. Your reasons would explain the interviewer how serious you are about the job and employment goals.

6 . Experience or education, what goes first on a resume.

Relevant work experience and job accomplishment draw more attention than the applicant's education. It is obvious and normal that many employers prefer experienced over freshly educated, hence placing your work experience and accomplishments at the top is preferred if you are experienced or have a relevant experience in the industry. You may give a hint about your education in the summary though. For instance, “A certified general accountant with over 10 years of experience in financial industry” would tell the employer in a glance at your resume.

However, if you are a fresh graduate from school or have no relevant work experience, placing your education and other qualifications on top is recommended.

7 . Highlight your accomplishments for each of your project, if any.

Highlight your accomplishments for each of the projects you contributed/performed, if any. Each of your work experience should highlight your role, responsibilities and achievements for a project success. An employer would mostly be interested in your expertise and contributions for a project's success than what the project is and its characteristics are. 

8 . A resume of 2 or 3 pages max is preferred.

A resume of 2 or 3 pages max is preferred unless it is stated otherwise. Make your resume short to 2 or3 pages but describing your work experience, roles and responsibilities well. For instance, highlight your role and responsibilities, and how greatly you performed the role to accomplish the project objectives in each assignment.

9 . Prefer listing the roles and responsibilities in bullet points over a paragraph

Prefer listing roles and responsibilies for each project you performed in points over a paragraph.